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Our Mission

The Southeast Europe Business Development Network – “SEEBDN”, founded 2018 in Vienna, was established as an independent business association of prominent managers, entrepreneurs and diplomats from the countries of Southeast Europe, Germany and Austria. The SEEBDN comprises the following countries: Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia and the countries of the Western Balkans. Although we are a business association we also fully support with our program the EU candidate countries of Southeastern Europe on their path to the European Union.

Our goals

Members of the SEEBDN are small, medium and large manufacturing and service companies from the countries of Southeast Europe, Austria and Germany. Our goal as an association is to initiate new partnerships and business opportunities for our members and we act as a “door opener“. The SEEBDN promotes investments, partnerships and trade between the countries of Southeast Europe and the EU, especially with Austria and Germany.

In the case of direct inquiries from our members, we support them through our network in direct matchmaking with decision-makers from targeted companies.

Furthermore, we organize suitable and exclusive networking events with respected personalities from business, politics and diplomacy. These events also serve our members as added value and as an opportunity to make new contacts.

The SEEBDN publishes the business magazine called “Business Link” up to 4 times a year, in which managers, entrepreneurs, politicians, diplomats ,experts and also our members contribute articles on current topics. Business Link magazine is distributed in electronic and in printed form to companies , government institutions and to selected partner organizations from Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and the Western Balkans.


The Southeast Europe Business Development Network, or “SEEBDN”, accepts members by recommendation as well as by application. The application of a member is examined by the Board, which decides upon membership. Members are legal entities who nominate one natural person as a representative in the SEEBDN. Private persons as members of the SEEBDN may also be rare exceptions to the rule.

The promotion of our association goals, the active cooperation approaches as well as the cooperation with our members are important to us.

Upon interest or a desire for further information, please contact the following e-mail address and / or telephone number. We remain at your disposal for any inquiries.

Email: office@seebdn.eu
Call Us: +43 4780080.

Upcoming Events


31st March 2022 , k47.wien , Franz-Josefs-Kai 47, 1010 Vienna

The GREEN ECONOMY CIRCLE conference, held in Vienna, aims to present and promote sustainable, innovative and green business solutions, products and companies from various industries and to network these companies and pioneers in order to change the world for the better. How will governments, businesses, and financial institutions accelerate green economy actions to achieve SDGs?

To meet the climate goals and to counteract the climate change, policy makers, businesses and civil society all have to play an important role in this aspect and thus we would like to contribute to this with the GREEN ECONOMY CIRCLE conference in order to build a greener economy following the present crisis.

The GREEN ECONOMY CRICLE conference focuses on Europe, mainly on the German-speaking countries and the countries of Southeast Europe, especially on the EU accession candidates and those who want to become ones, to encourage united Europe and to promote cooperation through green economy solutions.

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